Wild Timor update - Medics making tracks on Atauro Island

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The Wild Timor Project kicks off again with another group heading over to the little known and Atauro island just off the coast from the mainland of Timor-Leste. The team of 5 enthusiastic paramedics ventured into two communities to assist in health education and supplied them with vital supplies to assist in their thirst for knowledge and capabilities.

Part of the team's task was to deliver a scoop stretcher, first aid kit, training supplies and a new canvas rooftop for the local ambulance tuk tuk. One of our previous volunteers in October last year has worked incredibly hard to source and produce the custom new canvas as the previous one was no longer serviceable. The team carried this with supplies to Beloi and of course it was well received. In fact, the scoop stretcher was used shortly after its arrival by a local dive company to assist in the recovery of a patient!

The new canvas and scoop stretcher for Beloi

There's never a dull moment on these adventures and part of the challenge for the team is to then trek from one side of the island in Beloi to the other in order to reach the secluded reefside community of Adara which is incredibly remote in terms of access to primary healthcare. The range is steep but the views are spectacular as you wind down towards the turquoise waters near the community of around 200 residents.

Local women of Adara practicing trauma management

Practising retrieval techniques with the scoop stretcher

The Wild Medic Project focuses on empowerment of local first responders in these communities so in a medical emergency, the ability of the locals to recognise and treat injuries or illnesses effectively as the distance to medical care is often too far to manage. This kind of training can indeed save lives and prevent deaths however we still have a long way to go to ensure its continuity remains.

If you would like to come along and experience an unearthed location while chipping in to assist, give us a shout:


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