Through the Lens – A window into the mountains

Recently I was standing on my driveway waving to a vehicle as it drove off with two good mates inside. I desperately wanted to be inside the vehicle but everyone has a role to play in life and mine was not in that vehicle this time. With the impending departure of Wild Nepal Team One my role was clear – support them from Australia with operational reporting and a communication strategy. It’s far less glamorous than being an expedition medic but equally important. So I sat in Australia eagerly tapping away at the keyboard diligently, updating the team frequently and keeping loved ones informed – a regular keyboard warrior. I felt detached from the main event right up until last night when I received these pictures.

Through fragmented communication networks from the team, broken information and some pictures made it through. The information illustrated the exact reason why The Wild Medic Project exists – To take vital basic health care into communities that have limited access to such care.

The team have spent the last 48 hours hosting the first of what will be many community health camps in a remote Himalayan village. They have reported that over 170 people have come through the doors in the first two days – amazing I thought! Jeevan Lama, our in country partner, said his smile was unbreakable as people continually trekked and travelled hours to utilise the clinic.

This entire experience has re-emphasised the importance that although the expedition teams are the spearhead of the project, all the roles that volunteers and supporters play are equally important. Without fundraisers, financial supporters and volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes back home, these projects would not exist.

We will have further information and updates to accompany these pictures as communications improve and we wish Team One a safe and prosperous journey.

Any medics wild enough to the volunteer please make contact.



Wild Medic Planning Manager

Through the Lens – A window into the mountains


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