The Thalo Thrones

We have recently received some updates from our Nepal project managers Jeevan and Bishnu regarding the Thalo Community Toilet construction progress. Please read the update below and enjoy the pictures and if you are intersted in the initial planning please check it out here in the original post.

“The project is going very well with the initial construction of the foundation, toilet walls, concrete roofing and septic tank being finished. Its looking really good and the villagers are very happy and thankful for this development and great support.

The concrete roofing requires some 20 days rest with the supports in place to get the perfect strong set. The builders will start plastering and other works in a couple of weeks.

I will visit Thalo again soon and send some more update”


There has been a lot of people contribute to the funds for this project and our team are always thankful for everyone’s selfless efforts to assist communities they have ever met. This is a great health care preventative action that will positively impact the small village of Thalo.

If anyone is interested in assisting our efforts raising funds please contact us with your proposal!


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