Reignite your hunger for health care through adventure

Outside a clinic

Take a moment and cast your mind back to the emotions and feelings of fresh anticipation when your career as a paramedic, nurse or doctor began. You always knew your contribution wouldn’t exactly impact your community on a grand scale, but the simplicity of having skills to help someone out in need would surely continue to grace your life with bounding gratitude and satisfaction to see out a long and proud career.

But your feathers may have been ruffled, the relentless and unavoidable ‘side-effects’ of shift work are like a black cloud above that never dissipates. A few weeks off on annual leave fly by, only serving as a temporary refuge from what now seems like a job where we are treating ‘first world problems’ in a land of plenty. ‘Entitlement syndrome’ is not a medical disease but spreads through our nation like cancer and soon enough, you wonder if you really are impacting your community.

This may not be you at all, but if it is…do not despair. These feelings are felt by many in the challenging industry that we are in. It may be time to reflect on why you came to healthcare as a profession in the first place.

Now imagine this…

You stand within a forgotten community, perched on an exposed mountainside in a foreign land. The sights and smells are unfamiliar, but your medical tools are well recognised. Your small team have set up a medical camp and your tents seem to contrast against a background of makeshift homes balanced precariously onto the rapidly descending terrain. Local children with dusty smiles and faces of intrigue flood your senses as you prepare to run a first aid clinic for the community. Defibrillators, ambulances and daily pressures are a world away and it’s you, your team, your skills and basic supplies that impact here in the wilderness.

The expedition has not only opened up your eyes to a world of real people with real problems, you have returned with renewed gratitude, friends and memories for life and a sense of purpose from using skills you undoubtedly have, without the clutter of modern equipment.

If you think your career needs an injection of adventure, we need you on the ground on one of our projects. Not only will it change their lives for the better…it will seriously change yours.


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