October team forging new paths to healthcare.

The Wild Medic Project has a simple goal. To provide primary healthcare to regions without suitable access, and to do it in a way that does not cost a cent to the community. Our October team (Team Ashwin) has just completed the project phase and reports back from Helambu is that it was a great success. But we gave a unique task to this young crew made up of a doctor from Scotland, 4 Aussie paramedics and a Nepalese support crew. If their hiking boots weren’t worn in before the trip they sure are now. Their preparations for the trip were something worth mentioning. Nathasha specialises in paediatrics in a controlled environment, so recognising that she needed a refresher in pre-hospital care, she spent two weeks volunteering for an ambulance service in Scotland. Stephanie and Jess both worked for the Queensland Ambulance Service right up until their flight was due to depart showing how dedicated they are to healthcare in general. Lee, climbed local peaks and mastered the “stairmaster” at his local gym prior to departure while Sam and Olivia decided to go all out and complete the Annapurna Base Camp trek just before volunteering!

The team of keen volunteers not only set up in the village of Chitre where the health post once stood prior to the destructive earthquake last year, they also trekked to two other villages to set up mobile medical clinics for the local communities. The community in the small outpost of Dodin, came in droves to the mobile health clinic to seek out basic health assistance during the “Dashain” Buddhist festival which was in full swing. A total of 112 locals were attended to in addition to the 25 seen to in the village of Chitre. But they weren’t packing up yet as a trek upwards to another outpost called Thalo awaited. A total of 45 people within this community needing healthcare took the opportunity to visit the “pop-up clinic” on their way through to a neighbouring village for a large ceremony. That equates to over 180 locals that were seen by our October team. Reports are back that the team is winding up their operation in the Bagar valley and are now focused on the 4 day cultural trek through the Kathmandu valley where raw Nepalese rural life is on display. We wish them a blister-free trek!

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