Lucy in the Mountains

When we saw this picture of one of our Wild Medics in action in a Himalayan village recently, we had to share it. Wild Medic Lucy spent 2 weeks in Nepal last October and was part of a team who successfully assisted over 250 people. When asked about the picture Lucy had this to say.

"The baby in this photo is a 27-day old twin who were suffering reflux. The mother presented to the remote clinic following a lot of trouble getting them to keep their milk down. The nurses and the paramedics on our team worked with the translators to explain to the first time mum how to sit the babies up and burp them during their feed and explained that they were also wrapped up excessively considering it was almost a 30 degree day. All in all, they seemed healthy – a bit small, but what twins aren’t? Mum was also healthy and left with some multivitamins. It was a great experience and I hope they grow up to be big healthy kids – maybe I’ll go back one day to find out'.

We thank Lucy for such an awesome insight into her experience and if there are any medics out there who are keen to test their skills in the mountains, click here.


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