Heading to Dodin – A wind of change for the project

The Wild Medic Project has gone through a number of changes over the last 12 months and all for more positive outcomes. We have been largely successfully in running a mobile medical camps within the small village of Chitre, Bagar Valley in Helambu albeit a few hiccups and learning curves along the way for all involved but this is where our teams have collectively assessed, assisted and treated just over 2000 people. The camps have been independently run by each team relying on the volunteers’ professional experience and the amazing in country hosts, Jeevan and Bishnu.

Nearly 18 months and 6 teams on, we sought advice from Nepal on how to best continue into the future to ensure the project is a community driven and value adding project. The advice from Nepal was that the Wild medic team in collaboration with partner MCAF and The Nepal health strategy should essentially spread the support of the mobile medical camps into other villages and start targeting focused assessments to deliver data with reportable outcomes.

Our October deployment, team Ashwin is just days away from deploying and is made up of 6 exceptional medics from all over including, Lee who is a paramedic from Queensland, Jess and Stephanie who are paramedics from South Queensland, Nathasha is a doctor from the United Kingdom and Sam and Olivia are Victorian based paramedics. This wild bunch are essentially heading into the largely unknown, but fortunately for them they will have our amazing project hosts Jeevan and Bishnu to accompany and guide them but also another addition! We are excited to announce that the team will also include Dr Aban Gautam a Nepal based doctor who agreed to forgo the festivities of Dashain and assist the team.

The team will be facilitating a mobile medical camp in Chitre village however they will then pack up and head 2-3 hours in a jeep over rough mountain roads to a small village called Taar. From there, the team intend to dismount and trek uphill over a single mountain track for 1-2 hours to set up a mobile medical camp in the village of Dodin.

Our mobile medical camps will continue to operate as a generic health camp offering free assessments and medication however we will soon be focusing on diabetes screening, acute coronary syndrome, respiratory assessment and children’s nutrition, vision and hearing status.

Following the success of this team WMP and MCAF will explore other potential villages for 2017 that will benefit from such mobile health camps. This transitional period is an exciting time for the wild medic team, however we believe that our volunteers are aptly up to the challenge and will maintain our vision of health care being free and accessible to all people regardless of political situation or geographical location.

Anyone who thinks they are up to the challenge please apply now – positions are available!


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