Daily Diary – Tales of an expedition medic 2.

The Wild Medic Team are delighted to bring another small insight from Jarrod, one of our expedition medics currently deployed with Team 1 in Nepal. Jarrod shares a small observation from his time in Nepal through his Daily Diary entry below:

We left Nargakot fairly early in the morning as we had the longest leg of the trek today. Bishnu, our guide, anticipated that it would take at least 6 hours to complete but our fitness must have be better than he thought because we were all well ahead of schedule. In fact we were so ahead of schedule that we ended up waiting close to two hours for lunch because the tea house wasn’t expecting us to arrive so soon.

Mind you, of all the places to spend two hours waiting, this must be one of the best! The view was much clearer opening up the horizon to some spectacular mountain ranges peaking at up to 8000m high. The immediate scenery was just as spectacular with pine trees, ferns and an assortment of other plants. The terrain was challenging in places with some steep ascents and descents without much level ground in between.

One thing that couldn’t be ignored was the extent of the damage caused by the April earthquakes. The many villages we passed through showed most, if not all buildings had some extent of damage with many completely destroyed. Temporary shelters of second hand tents and corrugated iron were scattered amongst the ruins and with the fuel and commodity crisis ongoing there appears no end in sight for when these homes will be rebuilt.

Despite the adversities the Nepalese have faced recently they are in good spirits and always seem to greet you with a friendly smile. To be welcomed so well into the villages as a guest is an experience I will never forget. Tomorrow we continue trekking further into the hills.


Team 1. Nepal 2015

Team 1 have spent the last few days assisting over fifty community volunteers in removing tons of concrete and debris from the future project site. The old saying “many hands make light work” was emphasised during this period and the clearing of the site ushers in the next phase in WMP and MCAFs planned rebuild of the medical clinic. The team are currently trekking back to Kathmandu and we will post an update on their progress shortly.

We are currently fundraising for the rebuild of this medical clinic and welcome donations of any amount!

Daily Diary – Tales of an expedition medic .2


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