Daily Diary – Tales of an expedition Medic

The Wild Medic Team are happy to bring a small insight from expedition member Jess to you all. Her Daily Diary entry is below.

Daily Diary – Tales of an expedition medic

It’s only the 2nd day and already it feels like we’ve covered so much; 3 different time zones, 4 different currencies, too many bags and not enough coffee.

We have encountered so many trials already as we gear up with equipment and supplies for the mobile medical camps! Our in country guide, Jeevan has been instrumental in assisting us prepare and now thanks to Jarrod we fully appreciate the advantages to washing your hands after touching a chilli. Robbie was kind enough to demonstrate the complete ineffectiveness of trying to pay for dinner in Kathmandu with Thai Baht. We have discovered the disadvantages to letting certain members of the group get hangry (hungry angry) and we equally embraced the combined stripping of our stomach linings by consuming the local rice spirit, Roxy.

Despite all this, or more likely because of it, this group of almost total strangers has really come together in the last few days. We have combined our efforts, skills, knowledge and senses of humour to get this expedition under way. Tomorrow the real adventure begins as we take to hills so find our village in need.


Team 1 Nepal 2015


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