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Since its inception in 2015 the Wild Medic Project has provided 18 remote medical expeditions that have delivered community run primary health clinics, health care training to local providers, and free primary health care to over 7000 people in 3 countries. The original three-year strategy finalised its concluding obligations to the communities in November 2018 and ushered in a new strategic strategy to ensure that ongoing support exist for the communities and allows carefully planned and considered positive impact growth.

The new and innovative strategic format of the wild medic program ensures that funding continues for the locally lead primary health care clinics to continue for the benefit of the communities whilst now engaging with allied health students in clinical placement opportunity. Simply put, without wild medic student teams the funding for the clinics fails to exist and without the clinics, students lack real opportunity.

Clinics are registered with the relevant health board and supervised by locally registered physicians, and students are supervised by qualified local and Australian practitioners including paramedics, nurses, doctors and allied health professionals.

The Wild Medic Project 2.0 will see an opportunity for students to not only partake in much needed placement as part of their course, but also provide health care opportunities in regions with limited access.


2015 - 2016

Teams: 5 (29 + 21 pax)
Clinical Presentations: 1404
Locations: Chitre Village Nepal, Luganville Vanuatu
Money Raised: $44772 AUD
Infrastructure: Dental team deployed, community shelter partially built

2016 - 2017

Teams: 7 (48 + 30 pax)
Clinical Presentations: 3126
Locations: Chitre, Dhodenhi, Thalo Village Nepal
Money Raised: $54366 AUD
Infrastructure: Safe Water Project (Thalo), Community shelter (Chitre), Computers and Furniture (Chitre School), Dental team deployed (89 extractions), Ocular team deploy (44 prescription glasses).

2017 - 2018

Teams: 8 (54 + 42 pax)
Clinical Presentations: 3079
Locations: Sika Ambote, Dhodenhi, Chitre Village Nepal, Adhara Timor Leste
Money Raised: $86346 AUD
Infrastructure: Stock the Chitre health post, Foundation for community clinic, Community toilet block, Dental team deployed (78 extractions), Ocular team deploy (34 prescription glasses).

The Wild Medic Project 2.0



Clinical Reports

Nepal - Chitre Village


Nepal - Dhodeni Village



Nepal - Salle Bhumlu Village