About us - The birth of a project

In early 2015 The Wild Medic Project was developed as a not for profit project by two paramedics, Steve and Mick who shared a passion for health care and more specifically remote health care. The two mates were both former Australian soldiers with operational experience in Timor Leste and Iraq who upon leaving the defence force had both travelled independently for a number of years. The lads travelled throughout six continents during that time with Nepal being one of the highlights for both of them. Eventually they both returned from their separate trips to find themselves working as paramedics in Queensland where they were crew.

Following the April 2015 Nepal earthquakes, they conceived the idea for the Wild Medic Project to assist some villages that had little support from the larger NGOs working in Nepal. Through Nepali friends Jeevan and Bishnu, the Wild Medic team identified a valley in Helambu Nepal that was populated by over 5000 people who still only had very limited access to health care almost 6 months after the devastation occurred. The lads combined their medical skills, expeditionary experiences and army training to develop the concept of the humanitarian expeditions through a community consultation process and with the help of Jeevan and Bishnu, they engaged a community health committee to direct the teams.

The first team deployed in 2015 travelling into the remote community of Chitre where they set up the first health post in a borrowed ‘UN’ tent. This health post is now part of a network of four remote clinical posts that have been manned by Nepali, Australian, Dutch, English, American and Scottish clinicians and has assisted thousands of people. Recently a shift from providing medical support to focusing on training the local workforce and providing equipment will ensure a sustainable ability for the community accessing health care.


The Wild Medic Advisory Board

The Wild Medic Project is governed by a volunteer Advisory Board made up of industry experts that govern the business and clinical activities of the projects to ensure absolute compliance in both local and international law, legal conventions, clinical regulations and practice protocols. It also provides guidance and further develops and maintains the ethical standards based on a code of conduct, the scope of practice, medical definitions, and clinical guidelines.

A key responsibility of the Advisory Board is to ensure that sound clinical governance occurs and expedition team safety ensues. The Board continually monitor and review the projects performance indicators and strives to provide industry best practice to allow free primary health care access in communities with limited access.

Dr Kasia Ibrahim

Medical Advisor

Steve Whitfield

Business Advisor

Mick Stuth

Operations Advisor

Mark Ward

Clinical Advisor

Chloe James

Logistical Advisor

Rahel Clarke

Legal Advisor

Bishnu Yonjan

Projects Advisor

Bronwyn Nuske

Projects Advisor

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